Aries Full Moon 2019 — Reactions and inventories

Today’s post for the Aries Full Moon will be a bit shorter than I really want it to be because the energy of this Moon has me jumping all over the place in the best ways possible!

Emotions can run strong during this time, and if left unchecked, can get us carried away or saying something the we might regret. Take a moment today and reflect on some of the reactions you’ve had to things around you lately. How did you respond? Were you able to take a step back and think about a response before you gave one? If no, how might you be able to do that next time?

Paying attention to our reactions is some extremely valuable information. We live in a world where we are triggered all the time from our environment which can overload our nervous system, which can cause us to act irrationally. Note what caused your reaction, the reaction you had, where you felt it in your body, and what came of your reaction, even if nothing happened at all. If you noticed you had some quick reactions, see if there is something you can do to slow your reaction time down. Taking a breath, drinking some water, and counting to 10 are some of the tricks I use when I need to give my brain a second.

The next thing that would be good to do today is some emotional housekeeping. Take a look back to your entries from the Aries New Moon on March 31. What did you grow this year? Were you able to let go of any false beliefs? What’s the current relationship status between you and the false belief you addressed on that day? The Full Moon is one of the best times to let something go, can you clear out the remnants of your false beliefs? Can you make some room in your garden to nurture something over the winter months?

Do an emotional inventory and find something that you are willing to work on until the Aries New Moon in March. Don’t expect this to have to same energy that was felt at the Aries New Moon as we are moving into the darker part of the year where we don’t see a lot of growth. Find an aspect of yourself that you want to nurture and ask what it needs to feel taken care of this winter.

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