Aries New Moon 2019 – Time to begin again, again.

I think it’s interesting how we humans give ourselves opportunities for a new start. I can’t think of how many times I thought to myself, “I’ll do it tomorrow/Monday/the start of new month/the next Full Moon/the next New Moon/the start of the year/etc./etc./etc.” What is it about these future dates that makes it worth waiting for to do something or begin something new? It’s definitely part procrastination. Change is hard, even slight change. Even when it’s taking care of something that needs to be taken care of, that change can disrupt current patterns of habits and thinking, which can be uncomfortable. Most of us are also overwhelmed to the point where we feel like we don’t have the energy we feel we need to do the thing, and by waiting some amount of time, we’ll be able to grow back that energy we need to do the thing. Unfortunately, especially for me, I never seem to be able to grow back all the energy I feel like I need to do all the things I need to do.

Another part of the procrastination is wanting to be prepared. And it takes time to get prepared. Then you have to prepare to be prepared… It’s really a wonder that I’m able to accomplish anything at all sometimes!

Then sometimes there just seems to be a ton of available energy to get something done. I tend to always feel something like this this time of year. Spring is in full force, nature is blooming, and the sun is peaking out from behind the grey Seattle sky. The animals have reappeared and are actively running around preparing their homes for their new arrivals. It’s no coincidence that April 5’s New Moon is in Aries, a sign all about vitality and self-starting!

Like I mentioned, we might already be feeling energy shifting in ways that are helping us to accomplish tasks and goals. We might already be in full force! We also might all be in the middle of this and have replaced self-awareness with some self-centeredness. This is totally okay, just take a step back and check in with others to make sure you are still helping out where you are needed to and that you aren’t stepping on anyone’s toes.

Moon Square Pluto, Moon Trine Jupiter

Early in the evening of April 5, the Moon will form a square with Pluto. This could be a good time to use some of this available energy to go inward and explore some of your subconscious thinking. What is a limiting belief you have been holding lately? What messages do you tell yourself over and over that keep you from moving forward in life? Take some time Friday evening and explore these beliefs using the following steps (or whatever works for you!). Write the belief down in your journal then answer the following questions:

  1. How does this belief make you feel?
  2. What facts do you feel are present that make this belief true?
  3. What has holding this belief protected you from?
  4. What is holding onto this belief keeping you from doing?
  5. What are some facts that prove to you that this belief is incorrect?
  6. How would I act/what would I be able to do if I let go of this belief?

This isn’t easy work, but you can do it! Here’s a personal example to get you going:

Limiting belief: I don’t deserve success.

  1. This belief makes me feel small, which is both good and bad. Being small means I’m out of harm’s way, but it also means that good things can pass over me because I don’t have enough visibility. It makes me feel a little sad because maybe I do think I deserve to be successful! It makes me angry because this is exactly how the systems of oppression we all live in want me to feel so those systems can flourish and thrive.
  2. My adulthood has been fairly stable, at least economically. I haven’t taken any risks with my career or money, so I feel safe.
  3. This belief has protected me from worrying about money. In college I decided to follow my love for writing and be a journalist. However, once I learned how much life after school would cost me, I decided to put those dreams on hold and do something that would make more money. I didn’t want to live paycheck to paycheck and micromanage every penny that I had. There was more that I wanted to experience in life, and unfortunately, that required money.
  4. Holding onto this belief has keep me from pursuing something that I loved to do, which is write. I’ve gotten back into it recently, and I’m going to start writing more and more, but it has taken time for me to get back to this point. It also holds me back from being super successful in my career where the more visibility I have, the more impact I could make.
  5. Everyone deserves success. Everyone needs to create. The work that I do does get celebrated and recognized. People have told me that they love my writing and that it’s helped them. What I have to say is valuable and someone out there needs to hear it. What we all have to say is valuable and someone out there needs to hear it!
  6. I would put myself out into the world without hesitation. I would take risks and trust myself enough to know that if they didn’t pan out the way I wanted, I would have the strength and resilience to carry on and survive another day. If doing something caused such anxiety in my body as to make me feel like I’m about to throw up, I’d grab a barf bag and push through it.

After answering all the questions, write a break up letter with the belief. Tell it that you appreciate all that it’s helped you with in in the past, but now it’s time for you to move on. Then, write something that takes place in the future that tells the story of how you pushed through the limiting belief. What actions did you take to do it? What did you see, feel, taste, and touch during that experience? How did it feel after you did it? Write about it like it actually happened. Then the next your limiting belief tries to hold you back, lean into these feelings you wrote about and push past the belief. You can do it!

The Moon forms a trine with Jupiter in the evening of April 5, so ride this wave of confidence and success and celebrate by doing something exciting and fun! Bonus points if the fun thing enhances your new belief you have drawn in. For example, if you have a limiting belief that you don’t deserve to be happy, spend Friday evening with people who truly support you and care for you in the best way possible and do something that you love to do. Or do something else that makes you feel really happy and indulge in it all evening and let go of any guilt that comes up. Like drinking wine and doing puzzles? Grab your favorite bottle and find a beautiful jigsaw! Take pictures of your masterpiece and share them for everyone to see, then frame the puzzle so you can look at it and remember how you were happy doing those things so the next time your limiting belief crops up, you can remind it that you do deserve happiness and are capable to obtaining it, and have the proof to prove it!

Garnet and Yellow Tulip

Garnet and yellow tulip are our allies for the Aries New Moon. Garnet brings courage and willpower to any situation, and can help draw out any ideas and strength that you have buried inside yourself. Yellow tulips draw in happiness and vibrancy. Bring home a bouquet to aid you in your work!

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