Aug. 11 — Leo New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse: Play Time

Photos for illustration by Isabella Jusková and Kelly Sikkema

It’s another Partial Solar Eclipse, this one can be seen by more people, just not in North America. It’s still strong and full of Leo energy – your inner child (or inner seductress) wants to play, create, and show off! After the work that was done during the last Full Moon it is definitely well deserved. Use the tarot prompts below if you need inspiration to get your inner Lion to roar!

1. How can I be more playful in my life?

2. What part of my self-esteem needs attention?

3. What part of my self needs more love?

4. What part of me do I need to express more?

5. What can I celebrate about the progress I’ve made so far this year?

Make a list of things you can do using the reading as inspiration an pick a few to commit to doing before the next Full Moon.

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