Capricorn Full Moon 2019 – Find Your Inner Leader

Over the last couple years, I have learned a lot about leadership. What it is, isn’t, the places within myself where I am a leader and the places where I like to let others lead. I’ve recognized that I have an ability to lead and I’m working on the developing the comfort and confidence to do such a thing. Tuesday’s Full Moon in Capricorn presents us with the energetic opportunity to find and connect with our inner Leader who will help guide us to where we want to go in life.

Our definition of a leader and the examples that we see in our lives and in the world might not always feel like the types of people we want to guide ourselves forward, including the most delicate pieces of our psyche, so this is a great time to define what kind of leader you would like to see. What traits do you want to see in someone that would make your trust them to lead you?

Your Inner Leader

Take a look at the traits you have come up with – where can you find them inside yourself? Personal integrity, ability to reevaluate, empathy, and willingness to think outside of the box are some of the traits that I look for in a leader, and these are the traits my inner Leader possess to carry me forward in life. Write down examples of times you exhibited these traits, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. You now have a list of ways you have shown yourself to be an effective leader.

Next, imagine all these traits as a piece of your whole being. What does this person look like? What are they wearing? Where are they and what are they doing there? Do they have a name you can call them? Think of this part of yourself and scan your body to see if you can “feel” a place where they live inside you. This will help you access this piece of your when you need it or know when they are trying to tell you something of importance.

Putting it all together

Tuesday’s Full Moon in Capricorn brings to the other side of the cosmic “portal” that was opened on July 2’s New Moon in Cancer. Look at your journal entry from that day and see what parts of your home and life you have connected and disconnected with over the last couple of weeks. It might be obvious to see what you want to develop a stronger connection with and what you don’t, but for the things that aren’t obvious, ask your Leader what they think. Trust that your Leader is providing you answers with based on all their experience and knowledge of where you want to be in your life and take their answers to heart.

This is also a great time to look at the goals and intentions that you have. Are they still ringing true for you today? If they are, and you feel like you aren’t quite meeting them or have lost traction and haven’t made much progress, ask you Leader for some guidance on how to proceed. Create some tasks that you know you can accomplish and accomplish them. If there are goals and intentions that no longer ring true for you, let them go. There is not harm or shame in letting go of something that is no longer yours.

Photo by Alekon pictures on Unsplash

Amber and Rosemary

Our crystal and herbal allies for the Capricorn Full Moon are Amber and Rosemary. Amber will enhance your personal strength and increase your own natural radiance. It will help remove negativity, especially negativity that comes from other people. Rosemary will help purify, well, anything, really. Create a spray by adding amber and rosemary to some distilled or spring water and use it to cleanse the space around you while releasing the things in your life that no longer serve your higher purpose. Or burn amber incense and rosemary. You can also use it to clear the space around you. Drink some rosemary tea to purify your body, as well.

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