Dec. 22 — Cancer Full Moon: Revisiting Boundaries

This is the second Full Moon in Cancer, and the last Full Moon of 2018 (the perfect book(let)end, some might say!). We began the year strengthening our boundaries, finding our safe places, and working on improving our relationships with other people. Spend time reading your entries from the previous year and answer the following questions on a sheet of paper that you can safely burn when you are done to release what no longer serves you from your life.

Where do I still struggle with my boundaries?
Where do I still struggle with my emotions?
Where do I still struggle with my self-confidence?
In what ways do I depend on the feelings of others for approval and sense of identity?
In what areas of life do I not feel safe?
In your journal, write down the answers to the following:
In what areas have my boundaries improved?
How has strengthening my boundaries changed my relationships with others?
In what new ways do I feel belonging?
What new strengths do I have?
Where have I found safety and sanctuary?
What new allies and relationships have I found?

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