Dec. 6 — Sagittarius New Moon: Celebrate!

It’s the last New Moon of 2018! It’s a time to celebrate all the hard work that you have done and all the progress that you have made! Sagittarius is a traveler, so see if you can go someplace to celebrate, or make some plans to do so. Is there a gathering or conference that calls to your Spirit? Or a place in the wilderness? Wherever it is, make a plan that you can carry out because you’ve earned this getaway! This New Moon isn’t going to let you off the hook as far as work goes, though, there’s still plenty more to do. Read a book or take a online class that will contribute to the work that you’re been doing because Sagittarius loves intellectual stimulation. Use the tarot prompts below for any additional inspiration.

  1. What is one way I can renew faith in myself?
  2. What do I need to wrap up before moving on?
  3. How can be more independent?
  4. What is something new I need to learn?
  5. Where do I need to put more trust?

Take a look at the goals and intentions you are still working on for this year and see how the learnings fit into them. Make a plan that will take you to the end of the year and into the next where you will continue your journey!

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