July 12 — Cancer New Moon: Security and Surrender

Photo illustration made from photos by Casey Horner and Felipe Portella

The moon in Cancer is also trine Neptune and trine Jupiter which gives us a lot of potential for having a great day. This is also a good night to get together with those you love and enjoy the nurturing and caring energies of Cancer. If you can’t do this, make a list of everyone you love and connect with whomever you can with a phone call or text message. Also spend some time looking inward to see where your feelings might need some nurturing and attention.

Cancer the Crab is a homebody due to the sheer fact that she wears her house and thus can make herself at home wherever she goes. Her home is her protection and she’d be horribly exposed without it. Sometimes we have thick shells and pinchy claws to help protect the delicate, sensitive, and vulnerable parts of our selves. But, we must shed these exoskeletons if we want to grow. Just as a crab molts when she outgrows her shell causing her to feel vulnerable and uncomfortable, we too must be willing to face vulnerability and discomfort if we want to grow. Below are some tarot/writing prompts to help you while you are molting!

1. What do I need to feel more secure?

2. What feelings do I need to bring to the surface and acknowledge?

3. What is a safe way that I can feel vulnerable?

4. What part of me have I been hiding that I could begin toshare with others?

5. What can help me feel nurtured?

After journaling about your reading, think about the intentions you have set out to manifest this year. How does what you learned in your reading fit in with the work you are doing already? How can it help you manifest your intentions?

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