June 13 — New Moon in Gemini: Communication

Photo illustration composed from images by Jeremy Thomas and Parker Whitson

Summer is kicking into high gear for me, and I literally have about 20 minutes to write this post. I’m going to invoke the spirit of Gemini thought and communication to help me bust this one out! Since Gemini is the sign of communication let’s take some time to figure out some ways to boost our communication skills! Everyone can benefit from better communication skills so it’s worth to take a minute to explore and enhance what you have.

What are some ways you feel like you are good at communicating? Are you a good listener? A great storyteller? Can you read other people’s body language with some accuracy? Make a list of all your strengths.

Next, write down some areas of communication where you would like to improve. For each of those, draw a tarot card to help you understand more about these challenges you have and maybe get some inspiration to improve your skills.

  1. What makes this area of communication more challenging that others areas?
  2. What is the reason behind that reason? (E.g. if your reason happens to be “I’m afraid” what makes you afraid?”
  3. What aspect can you draw on for encouragement when working on this skill?
  4. What is one way to practice communicating this way more?
  5. Who can help you practice, refine, etc. this skill?

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