June 27 — Capricorn Full Moon: Fear and Initiation

Photo by Harry Burk

With summer in full swing it might feel odd to us to have a desire to hold back, slow down, or to put something on hold. Summer energy is usually bursting with energy with tons of stuff going on, so what gives?

Mars went retrograde the other day which can make us feel like winding down, taking a break, or giving up on a project or goal all together. The Capricorn full moon is here to remind us that we have the strength to keep going. Use this time to write down the things you have been working on and the ideas you have that you haven’t started yet. What are some steps you can take to keep making progress on these goals and ideas?

The energy we feel right now might have a hint of fear of rejection and/or taking ourselves too seriously. This might contribute to our desire to slow down or stop our progress. I invite you to dive in and face that fear as an initiatory process. Thousands of years ago, we humans experienced near-death situations on a far greater and more frequent scale than we experience today. These situations were initiations meant to break apart the psyche so that it may rewire itself stronger than before. In today’s world we are frequently trying to make ourselves as comfortable as possible, thus ignoring these initiations that are intended to shed our shells so that we can grow.

Face what you are afraid of. Break out of that shell. Rewire your psyche to make it stronger. Repeat.

This post was inspired by the Serpent Cast episode featuring Khi Armand. It’s a fabulous episode and I recommend everyone listen to it. You can find it here.

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