Leo Full Moon 2020 — Your inner child needs attention, too

Passion. Attention. Adoration. Self-expression. Today’s Fully Moon in Leo is driving the need for all of these things and reminding us that it’s time we listened to our heart. With so much going on around us, it’s easy to lose track of our needs and desires, but Leo Moon is here is to remind us what living is really about.

Leo also represents out inner child. Think back to some of the pivotal moments of your childhood and see if you can tune into how your needs were being met at the time by your caregivers. Can you think of any times when you needed more love and support from your parents? How did not having that support wire your brain? Did you find ways to ask for that support later, or did you get wired to not need it at all? See if you can find places where you denied your needs after they weren’t met and write them down.

Next, think about how these unmet needs as a child have manifested as an adult. Are you someone who caretakes others at all costs? Are you afraid to acknowledge your feelings? Do you turn to food or any substances for soothing? Acknowledge these things without placing judgement on them, and thank them for helping you survive the best that you could with the tools that you had.

Now, go back to each of those moments and see if you can determine what you really needed at the time. As a person who has zero maternal instincts, I would have no idea what I actually needed at the time, so I plan on searching the internet for things like, “What to do when my child does X” or “How to help my child who is afraid of Y.” Be careful which websites you get parenting advice for your inner child from, but pay attention if something feels right for you.

Finally, create a “parenting plan” for your inner child. This will be the way you take care of your inner child for now on. Was your childhood event a time when you get scared and emotionally unregulated and your parent gave you food instead of giving you a hug and emotional support and now you are an emotion eater? Can you try to find a friend who will give you a long hug and maybe cuddle you the next time you are upset instead? Brainstorm adult solutions for your childhood unmet needs and see if that helps rewire your brain in a way that gets you the support you need.

Write out some other parts of your parenting plan that involves self-care. Imagine yourself as a child who needs your help meeting their needs. How much water should you drink each day? How much activity and sleep do you need on a daily basis? Write down as many things as you can and see which of those needs you can meet every day. It can be hard to form new habits, especially if that involves rewiring your brain in anyway, so be gentle and kind to yourself if you can’t get to everything on the list every day. Try for at least one thing.

Finally, write a love letter to yourself. It can be to your inner child(ren) or to yourself today. Tell yourself things you are proud of and acknowledge all the hard work that you have done for yourself!

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