May 15 — Taurus New Moon: Slow it Down

Photo illustration using photos by Hans Eiskonen and Jeff Golenski

This Taurean new moon is telling us that it is time to slow down. Spring has been in high gear for a little while now – everything is growing, energetic, and lively, With the promise of summer on the horizon our calendars may be crammed full of things to do. We have fully come out of Winter’s slumber and are ready to do all the things! While this kind of energy is great to have, over time we might start to feel a bit overwhelmed and anxious. For this new moon I would like to invite you to ask yourself the questions below. Use your intuition, tarot cards, or whatever preferred method of listening to your higher self you have.

  1. Where do I need to slow down? Think of all the areas in life where you feel you have too much on your plate. Can you give up anything so you can feel less overwhelmed?
  2. Where am I overacting emotionally? Think of all the ways you have felt overly sensitive lately and ask yourself, “what triggered that emotion?” Once you have determined that, write down all the assumptions you have made about your overreaction (e.g. she must hate me because she never calls me). Next, give this event some more context by writing down all the facts that you know about both sides of the situation. Finally, ask yourself if the intensity of your reactions is the same as the severity of the situation, and if it’s not, ask yourself honestly if the reaction you had is still warranted. If it’s not, then learn to let it go.
  3. How can I better take care of myself? Taurus is all about pleasure and decadence, how can you add a little more self-care to your life? Self-care doesn’t always mean a day at the spa (though those are always awesome!) but it can mean things like saying no to something you really don’t want to do or going for a long walk.

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