New Moon in Cancer 2019 — Connecting and Releasing

The New Moon in Cancer happens just after Mars enters Leo. There will also be a total solar eclipse during this time which will only be visible in parts of South America. This is great energy for connecting with your heart and ensuring it connects with your home. If you find a disconnect, use that extra boost of Leo in Mars energy to find a creative solution.

Take some time to think about your home. Does it feel like a home? Are you connected to your loved ones? If you feel disconnected, how can you reconnect? Do you want to reconnect? Sit with any feelings that arise and know that these feelings are just information and not problems that need to fixed right away unless you feel genuine inspiration to do so.

Connect with water today in anyway that you can. Whether it’s soaking in a bath, going for a swim, drinking more than your fair share of water, or sitting by a river, being in or near water will help you connect to the Cancerian energy of this New Moon to explore the feelings that might be ready to surface. What feelings have you been burying, that you have decided to “deal with” at another time? Watch a movie, listen to music, or journal to bring these feelings to the surface so they can be acknowledged and felt in a safe place today. It’s okay to cry it out!

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