Nov. 7 — Scorpio New Moon: Next Steps

Photo for illustration by Yash Ruat.

Scorpio season is an intense time! We’ve come a long way since the beginning of 2018 and hopefully have learned some ways to look deep into ourselves and access our own power to manifest the intentions we had to heal and grow. Let’s journey within all this Scorpio intensity this New Moon. Use the prompts below to aid your reflection:

  1. What is growing deep inside me that is ready to see some light?
  2. Where do I need to reclaim my power?
  3. What part of my transformation should I focus on at this time?
  4. One thing can I do to heal my pain and trauma from my past:
  5. What advice does my Higher Self have for me today?

Think of the goals and intentions that you are currently working on. Where do the learnings from the reading fit in? Make a checklist of ways you can work on your goals and see what you can accomplish by the end of the year.

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