Pisces Full Moon 2019 – Creatively harvest

Tonight will bring us one of the most beautiful Full Moons of the year, at least in my opinion, and I am, after all, a Shadow Dancer who is in love with the beauty that is the decay of what is old and no longer useful and the transformation of what it could become. But I digress…

It’s Friday the 13th, and we have a Full Harvest Moon in Pisces. The Harvest Moon is the one closest to the Autumnal equinox. In agrarian cultures, this is typically the time of the second and biggest harvest of the year. This was the time when people would take inventory of all they had been able to gather throughout the year, tally it up, and start to make preparations for the winter months ahead. We can do this with ourselves internally. Take a trip down memory lane and revisit as many of the opportunities for growth you had this year that you can think of. Can you see the lesson that you needed to learn in each of them? Can you see what it was that you need to release to be able to move forward?

The Pisces Full Moon adds a lovely, intuitive, and deep connection to this Harvest Moon. While Pisces seeks something deep and meaningful, she is also easy to spook and could try to avoid the reality of a difficult situation. Pisces is creative and meaningful, so instead of avoidance, try creating something to help process some of the learning lessons you experienced and to help facilitate the release of all that which no longer serves you well.

A wonderful way to celebrate the Pisces Harvest Full Moon is to create something that acknowledges your hard work, gratitude, and release for this season. This can be done in whatever medium you like. It can be writing, art, photography, but it’s not limited to the things that we colloquially consider to “artsy.” What is something that you enjoy making that you can put this energy into? Baking, putting together a jigsaw puzzle, playing in the garden, anything can be considered art. Gathering ingredients to bake some bread can represent your harvest, kneading the dough can help you release what no longer serves, and the alchemy that happens in the oven as the dough bakes into delicious bread is a great way to physically observe something and connect to all the trials and celebrations you have experienced which have created who you have “risen” to be today.

When I was thinking about this post, I asked what the Moon would tell us today if she could speak to us in ways we obviously understand, and this is what she has to say:

Look back at all you’ve done my dear and see

Your strength, your light, your love, all meant to be.

Hard work’s been done, you’ve paid the toll with blood.

You’ve gathered, you’ve lost, survived the deepest flood.

You are new, as I was. You are full, too.

Wax and wane. Ebb and flow. Forever renew.

Time to let go. Release those broken bonds.

This harvest time, hear how your heart responds.

What is your dream? What will you create, dear?

What will it take to move past all your fear?

Step boldly forward into your new growth.

Make list’ning to your heart your only oath.

Seek comfort when endings seem out of place.

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