Pisces New Moon 2020 — Our own hero’s journey

Today’s New Moon is one of my favorites, and is basically the poster child for this blog. Pisces rules the depths of our subconscious where our shadows dwell. These places are complicated and can be dark, making them easy to want to avoid. Think of all the myths about the hero’s journey and all the trials and tribulations faced along the way, finally ending at the biggest challenge of them all. In most of those myths our hero triumphs, so know you can go on your own hero’s journey and not only survive, but return to the world that you know victorious and changed for the better.

Mars trine Uranus makes a complimentary aspect with the Moon, adding courage and cunning to our journey. Today we’re kicking ass AND taking names. This influence is perfect to take a bit of a risk — don’t be afraid to dive deep.

In your journal, jot down the pieces of your personality and behaviors you have been afraid to examine. As these things surface, do your best not to judge them. Instead, pretend you are a scientist and treat each bit of information as a data point, our feelings and behaviors are only information, after all.

Next, think about the reasons these pieces feel so scary to deal with. Would society judge you a certain way? Are you ashamed of them? Once you find an answer see if you can ask why that answer is, then see how far down the rabbit hole you can go.

Once that rabbit hole ends, and yourself if this fear is a real threat. Sometimes it is, but most times the stories in our heads have us believing things that aren’t true. Either way, find someone who can help support you face these fears if you need some help.

Now that you have the parts you want to examine and an understanding of why they’ve been too scary to want to deal with them, see what you can learn. Use your favorite search engine and see what articles come up. Take each one with a grain of salt, though, not everyone experiences things in the same way and there’s a whole lot of theories but never enough facts. See what rings true for yourself and see what patterns you can uncover.

Finally, write about your own journey. Where did it start? What trials did you face? Knowing what you know now, what’s your best course of action? How can you hold yourself accountable?

Extra credit: share this story with someone close to you.

Acknowledging the dark places of our subconscious can be daunting, but it is survivable. Take some time today for your hero’s journey and see how it can change you.

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