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Book of My Shadows contains writing prompts set to the tune of the New and Full Moons. It blends the lessons we can learn from the zodiac with the energy of the Moon into new ways to explore our shadow, which is the subconscious ways we think, feel, and react. Prompts are meant to be written in a separate journal (not included) and at the end of the year you will have a book of your shadows.

I wrote the first edition of this book for myself to help incorporate the lessons I learned in therapy, DBT and emotional regulation classes, and spiritual-healing practitioner training into a bimonthly practice to establish a regular cadence of personal exploration. This book continues to be the work I plan for myself in 2021 and I wanted to share it with others who are doing their own personal work, too.

I am a white hetero demigirl, and the activities in this book are designed for my own experience that others may share. Your lived experience may vary and this book is not meant to be *the* way to learn about ourselves, but just one of many possible options.

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