Book of My Shadows for 2022 – PDF



A workbook for those who love astrology and journaling, Book of My Shadows uses the astrological energy for each New and Full Moon as themes for introspection.

Physical copies can be purchased over at The Book Patch here!

Along with prompts for each New and Full Moon there is:
– A place for you to write your own affirmation to use between Moons.
– A planner view to help visualize your life in the two weeks between the New or Full Moons, sometimes a little before/after, or to record what happened so you can begin to look for patterns.
– A place for you to write down experiments that you want to try during the Moon cycle and their outcomes.
– A synopsis of what the energy is like for the day of the specific New or Full Moon.
– A place to record anything that going on in your life, such as events, stressors, symptoms, etc.
– Other things for you to try while under the influence of this energy – these are only suggestions!

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