Sagittarius New Moon 2020 — Get curious

Tomorrow morning is a New Moon in Sagittarius that is also a total solar eclipse. We will not be able to see the eclipse anywhere but in South America, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t still its influence. This is a great time to get curious. We have all been through a lot this year and not only is this a good time reflect but it’s also a great time to dig into the feelings you have about those reflections.

I knew this would be a year of change for me in January. I was starting the next phase of my career, moving house was on the horizon, and many personal changes were on the way. I knew I wouldn’t recognize my life at the end of 2020 and I was excited to see what became of the year. Of all the predictions I made for 2020, I was right about not recognizing my life by the end of the year! I am both where I want to be and where I never thought about being, and both those things feel good. I do have some other feels that I’m going to get curious about, and these are questions I plan on asking said feels:

  1. What will help me integrate this year into my psyche? I’ve survived it, how can I witness my resilience?
  2. What is it that is still holding me back?
  3. What am I willing to let go in order to receive what I desire?
  4. Where do I still cling to the illusion of control?
  5. Where do I still feel resistance? What is it protecting me from and how can I move past it?

Just some casual questions, no big deal!

This solar eclipse leads up to the Jupiter and Saturn conjunction on Dec. 21, which is also the Winter Solstice. While New Moons are typically the time to start something new and build up momentum, revel in a paradox and see it as a time to put the trials of this year behind us as we step into what is next. And sure, it can be more trials, but keep the ways that you have grown to the front of your mind as you confront them. Jupiter is expansion energy and Saturn is contraction. Spend this week visualizing that which no longer serves you contracting until it becomes nothing at all. At the same time, visualize all the blessings, gratitude you have, and resilience you have create for yourself and see it all expanding until that is all that is. Then, next Monday on the Solstice, know that the Sun is coming back, the days are getting brighter, and you are still here to see what comes.

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