Scorpio Full Moon 2019 — Release

How have you been holding up so far this year? What have learned about yourself? What needs have you uncovered that haven’t been addressed or fully met? Today’s Scorpio Full Moon is here to help you make some space to help you meet your needs. Scorpio is an intense reminder of death and rebirth, the promise of beginning again, so take some time to figure out what you want/need to let go of so you can move into the next phase and onto bigger and better things. Use the prompts below to help figure out what to release and how.

  1. What area of my life do I need to make space?
  2. What do I need to release to make room?
  3. What is a gentle way to help release this?

If you’re using tarot or another divination tool, draw 3 more cards that will help you with some steps to take to release this from your life.

This work is hard, so make sure you can find some support if you need it.

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