Scorpio New Moon 2020 – Transformation is certain, it’s easier when you’re on board; NEW book for 2021!!

Hello Dear Ones, it’s been quite the year hasn’t it? I hope you and those you care about are doing as best as you can during this time.

This year definitely hasn’t been an easy one for me, but I’m getting through it. I have a new job, new place to live, new fuzzy roommates, and new anxieties on top of all the other ones. The last few months have really been a recalibration for me, understanding what it is that I really need, understanding my energy levels, prioritizing my actions, and being really okay if I can’t get through everything. Some days I have more energy than others and on those days I try to get ahead a little bit and set things up so Future Me has an easier day.

Book of My Shadows for 2021 — coming soon!!

One thing I wish I had this year was a Book of My Shadows for 2020. I didn’t write one last year because, well, it was a hard year, too, in very different ways. I could have used it this year as one way to ground and orient myself while I do my work. I’m happy to report that I’m feeling more like myself, taking the time that I need, and have felt inspired to write. I’m just about done with Book of My Shadows for 2021 and I expect to ship physical copies the first week of December! You can preorder your copy today in my store or by clicking here.

Ride that wave

What transformations have you had this year? This year I’ve learned to ease expectations. I’ve always kept my expectations low in general, in part to prevent disappointment, another part to let go of control, but this year really has just been riding the wave and seeing where I end up. I’ve also shifted my perspective from being an unwilling passenger on the wave towards oblivion to being the captain of the ship. I’m still going wherever this wave is taking me but choosing to have a say in how I react and respond. I’m choosing to find things to be grateful for every day and allowing myself to feel personal joy at the same time I feel collective anxiety and sorrow.

How are you celebrating your transformations? Take some time today to celebrate yourself in some way!

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