Sept. 24 — Aries Full Moon: Harvest Time

Photos for illustration by Jeff Nissen and Annie Spratt

This is the Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox, making it the Harvest Moon. Along with giving thanks for what we have and all the blessings we have received in the year, it’s time to harvest our intentions that we have been tending to all year long and clear out the clutter in our homes and minds. Hopefully you have been able to finish up the deep cleaning that was prescribed for the Virgo New Moon, you have taken inventory of what you have, and donated/given away what you no longer need. And hopefully your home feels fresh, clean, and is buzzing with good energy! It’s time to do that your physical self, so we’ll use the Aries energies of self-confidence and new beginnings do a little rebranding exercise  Look back at your previous entries and then answer the following questions:

Who have I become this year? What are ways my work to move into my Higher Self has manifested? What do I need to know to go to the next level?

Who do I want to be to other people? Caution! This question is not the same as, “Who do others need/want me to be?”

What are some ways that I can share my journey and my progress with others? How can I introduce my new Self to the world?

What’s something I can do to update my personal image? Cutting or coloring your hair, wearing a new perfume or cologne, wearing different accessories, or cutting back on how you adorn yourself are some ideas. What will make you feel fresh and confident?

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