Second Leo Virgo Full Moon – Facing the inner critic.

I wish I could go back in time to a year ago when I was planning the writing of Book of My Shadows for 2019. I remember coming seeing that there would be two Full Moons in Leo. I remember double checking. Triple checking even. It’s not common to have two Full Moons in the same sign, so this is a thing I remember looking into to make sure I was looking at the dates correctly. But a year later I’m realizing I was wrong. Tomorrow morning’s Full Moon will be in Virgo, not Leo. It will only have been in Virgo for an hour, but it’s in Virgo, nonetheless. I might have gotten my time zones crossed, who knows. I, myself, have a Virgo Moon, so the fact that I didn’t “see” this year’s Virgo Full Moon is fascinating to me. I could spend the rest of my day writing to recreate my writing process from a year ago, but I must remove myself from that desire because it will not undo my mistake and will probably make for a boring read. Instead I’ll explore these feeling that are coming up and share them with you all so you can maybe learn something through my process.

Some new prompts for the Full Moon in Virgo:

  1. What are some of the feelings I have when I make a mistake?
  2. Where do these feelings come from?
  3. What are they trying to tell me?
  4. Are these things factually true?

The shadow side of Virgo is great a ruminating, exploring what went wrong to fix what is broken while on the endless quest for perfection. Many of us feel a huge amount of shame when we make a mistake which keeps a lot of people from trying something new in the first place. I felt embarrassed when I realized I was wrong about this Full Moon. I felt like I would lose what little credibility I have and that I would lose followers because of my inaccuracy. These feelings come from my childhood when I felt like I couldn’t do anything right to please my caregivers in a way that provided me with the love that I needed to receive. These feelings are telling me that I’m still looking for approval from my caregivers, but now that my primary caregiver is myself, I can tell myself that I’m proud of my accomplishments and that it’s okay to make mistakes. While the feelings of shame and embarrassment do linger, I just remind myself that I’m human and I make mistakes. The error I made doesn’t make me a less valuable as a person or less worthy of love and examining my mistake and sharing it with you is a necessary task to help me move past these feelings. It’s definitely not easy to sit in this discomfort, but it only means that the next time I make a mistake it will feel less horrible and will be easier to move past.

Tomorrow’s Moon trine Uranus brings us a way to break up the routine and perfectionism that Virgo can exhibit. This transit might feel easier than other and can bring feelings of excitement when trying something new, instead of dread. A few hours later, the Moon will also form a trine with Mars which bring courage and initiative. Don’t be afraid to do something on a whim, it could be exactly what you need!

Citrine and High John are still great allies for the Virgo Full Moon. Citrine Helps enhance optimism and positivity in both our conscious and subconscious. It can help us think clearer and with self-discipline in a way that encourages us to use communicate effectively with others and/or use our interpersonal skills and not in a way that is punishing or harsh. High John will empower us to step into our Higher Self and remove blockages when we need to solve a problem.

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