Virgo New Moon 2019 – Our Heart’s Desires

Today’s Virgo New Moon has me contemplating why it’s difficult to follow our hearts. I mean, I know why, just not whyyyyyyyyy.

I’ve had many conversations lately with people about the difficulty of following our own hearts. Society places a lot of expectations on us that we must live by: get a job, pay the bills, do something that seems “valuable” with our lives, etc. We aren’t expected to follow our hearts though. We’re told to “do what we love” which kinda comes close, but that piece of world advice still misses the mark because frequently the implied reasoning behind it is, “do what you love so it’s easier to be a cog in the wheel.” I know many artists, healers, and teachers who are doing what they love and are having a hard time making ends meet and face the judgements of others that they should get a “real” job. And thus, stop following their heart.

These expectations and judgments get passed down through our families. Our well-meaning parents might have sacrificed their heart’s desire to do the best that they felt they could do to raise us. For many of us, there is a certain way that life must look to be considered “right.” And the thought of deviating from this is foolish.

“Heartless” definitely isn’t a synonym of “foolish.”

This applies to all aspects of life. Relationships, where we live, the hobbies we have, the ways that we could potentially follow our hearts seems endless!

It’s important to follow our hearts. Doing such can help us live a fuller and healthier life because it means that we are doing something that brings in more enjoyment and excitement than it does stress. When we follow our hearts, we demonstrate to ourselves that we trust ourselves and our intuition gets stronger. And when we can trust ourselves, it becomes easier to trust other people. Or know not when to trust someone. Following our hearts can also help us live with fewer regrets because we might ask ourselves, “what if?” a little less.

Yes, it can feel foolish. And yes, it can be risky. And definitely yes, the logical side of our brains should be involved in making very important decisions because there the reality of life that we must report to. But there is something all of us can do today to listen to our hearts a little more and live a more fulfilling life if we can just release some of the expectations that we hold.

This is where this beautiful Virgo Moon comes in.

Her energy is all about starting new habits and practices and is a loving and nurturing way to learn how to follow our hearts.

Think of places in your life where you feel your heart nudge you and journal about while thinking of the following:

  1. What is this nudge telling you?
  2. What is this nudging trying to tell you, about you? What the reason that this nudge exists in the first place?
  3. What are all the ways that this nudge seems foolish to follow?
  4. For each reason it seems foolish, examine where this judgement comes from. Is it an expectation that’s been passed to us? Is it a high risk to take? Something else?
  5. Think of your nudge with a beginner’s mind. As best as you can, let go of the reasons the nudge seems foolish and write about how it would feel if you gave into your heart’s desire. Take a step back each time you feel judgement creep in.
  6. What are some things you could do to clear some room for your heart’s desire? A conversation with someone who’s opinion matters to you, taking a look at your finances, and reading about the experience of others who have done something similar might help take some of the “foolishness” out of our desire.
  7. If your heart’s desire is something that is truly out of the realm of possibility for now, what is something that you can do to help satisfy this desire until the timing is better? (PS – the timing will probably never be “right!”)
  8. And if your heart’s desire is possible right now, what are some steps that you can take to follow it? Then, go out and do those things!

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